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Newly discovered species of viruses

Coronavirus is a newly discovered species of viruses that have become a hot issue globally.

The virus causes cough, flu, and fever and it rapidly destroys the respiratory system which leads to the death of the person. The virus circulates in animals and it enters into humans through animal contact. But This Coronavirus, which has taken serious attention is named COVID-19.

After entering into humans through air, food, and water, it passes from the respiratory canal and enters into the lungs where it starts an infection. The early symptoms include coughing, sneezing, cold, flu, and fever. Then it produced breathing difficulties damaging the lungs.

In severe cases, it can cause pneumonia, multiple organ failure, and death. There are no prompt symptoms soon after the virus enters the human systems.

China alerted the WHO two cases of unusual pneumonia in Wuhan on December 31, 2019. This market is famous for seafood wildlife trade.

The scientists have pointed to either bats or snakes as the possible source.
Efforts to contain the outbreak have caused disruption in China with some 20 cities facing travel restrictions affecting at least 30 million people. Many countries immediately evacuated their citizens from Wuhan as soon as the Virus outbroke. Many countries have banned Chinese citizens from travelling there. Several airlines suspended their operations to China. China itself cut the contact of 7 most affected cities to the rest of the country.


WHO Officials visited China to investigate the Outbreak on February 10, 2020. They declared the Virus a global issue and a health emergency. Now it has become a hot issue on international and local media.

WHO recommends basic hygiene such as washing hands with soap and water and covering your mouth with your elbow when sneezing coughing, maintaining social distancing, keeping one-meter distance between yourself and others especially when they cough and sneeze.
Other measures include void touching your face, eyes, and mouth with unwashed hands. Avoid unnecessary and unprotected contact with animals and be sure to wash your hands after contact. We should urge the messes to follow local safety measures besides these measures.

Photo by United Nations COVID-19 Response on Unsplash

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Originally published at on May 11, 2020.



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